Valérie Naulleau

Painter and designer in sets.

The art of trompe l'oeil, attention to detail, allows you to enter the world of illusion. Welcome to this world, compositions of colors or materials with panoramic views, the decorations are created and made with brushes according to my inspiration or your desires.

Valérie Naulleau born in 72, after a baccalaureate in plastic arts, she entered the fine arts in interior architecture. But the plans, the perspective, the harmony of colors are not enough for him.

After graduating, she joined a school of decorative painters (the GUEGAN Institute) to rediscover contact with painting and materials. 

She entered the field of trompe-l'oeil with distinction in 1999. Then freelance, brushes in the backpack, she combined her passion for painting and that of travel by working all over the world in as a decorative painter: New York, Jordan, Sweden, Beijing. 10 years later, she returns to the nest and works in Vendée for a decor and event company. Having become a mother, in 2014 she arrived in La Rochelle as an Independent Craftsman at the “Maison des Artistes”, working for individuals in interior / exterior decoration for professionals with event decorations and architects too.

100% Artisan since 1996.