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of the renaissance of the Porte Royale

"It is the civic governance embodied in its resurrection today. This is heralding new times for heritage preservation. A heritage lived for its shared aesthetic and memorial values, which disregards the old hatreds that have given birth to so many Bastilles!

It is this initiative of the inhabitants carried by the tenacity of a visionary, accompanied by the communities and the State which leads today to this virtuous valuation, strong symbol of new partnerships between participative citizenship and institutions.

Let's bet that the association of the Friends of the Royal Door will make many emulators, to bring to life places of an upset memory."

Nicolas Faucherre
Historian of the fortification
Expert for World Heritage
Professor of History of Medieval Art and Archeology
Laboratory of Medieval and Modern Archeology in the Mediterranean
Aix-Marseille University / CNRS

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As part of the work of this 6th installment, our efforts are currently focused on restoring the interior of the Porte Royale.

• Interior works of the PTT, home & #8211; 150,000 euros

• Internal separation door & #8211; 30 000 euros

• Restoration of the central corridor & #8211; 180,000 euros

At present our call for donations concerns the interior work of the home (walls, floor, vaults and lighting).

We are counting on you, thank you for your contribution.

Your cultural animation in an exceptional setting

You are an artist, craftsman, actor or musician and you wish to use the Porte Royale to exhibit or offer performances. Do not hesitate to contact us to present your project to us.

Contact: Jean-Michel Simon


Heritage Days

On the occasion of the Heritage Days, the Royal Door is the scene of a tremendous reenactment under the sign of the Empire with its actors, its craftsmen and the friends of the Porte Royale who works to its popular success.

The magazine

After 5 years of work and activities at the Porte Royale, it was necessary to mark time with a beautiful work that immortalizes our action.

All the friends and actors of this beautiful project have mobilized to write and provide images and archives elements to make this beautiful brochure that allows to place the Royal Door in its past and current history.

A beautiful magazine to discover and browse with pleasure.

This project only lives thanks to your generosity!